Kingston NaVi Limited Edition DDR3 1600MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review

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Kingston are quite well known for their tendency to release limited edition products that are branded to celebrate certain events or partnerships and the NaVi series memory kits we have here today are no different. These NaVi series memory kits are essentially Kingston HyperX kits branded yellow to celebrate Kingston’s collaboration with the eSports Club Natus Vincere aka NaVi. Kingston says it is aiming these memory kits at gamers and enthusiasts, though I can see the appeal will most definitely be with gamers more than enthusiasts. That is because these kits only come with a 1600MHz speed in either 8GB or 16GB dual channel kits. They do of course come with the backing of Kingston’s quality standards and a lifetime warranty to support that. Part of the NaVi limited edition series also includes the NaVi HyperX 3K series SSD which will essentially be normal Hyper X 3K 120/240GB SSDs rebranded in the yellow NaVi pattern.

The packaging is simple and more or less identical to that of their packaging on other HyperX memory kits as it is essentially a HyperX kit.

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The back details the information about why it is limited edition and the cooperation with NaVi.

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Included is the memory kit and a warranty information document.

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1 Comment on Kingston NaVi Limited Edition DDR3 1600MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    I think they’re fine. I wouldn’t hesitate to chuck them in my rig. I like the colour of the spreaders & PCB as well. They’re more than enough for any gaming rig but probably will disappoint an enthusiast.

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