KINGPIN Makes a New World Record With GeForce GTX Titan in Quad SLI

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Legendary overclocker/LN2 pot maker Vince Lucido AKA KINGPIN raised everyone’s eyes by setting a world record with new Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan in a Quad SLI configuration.

Via LN2 overclocking, KINGPIN was able to bench it with 1750MHz core clock and 1707MHz Memory clock using a single GTX Titan, thus achieving a score of P20990 in 3DMark 11 Performance preset and 7046 in 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme preset.

Then Kingpin loaded up another EVGA GTX Titan card with several volt-mods being done, this helped him achieve the score of 11394 IN 3DMark’s Fire Strike Extreme preset.

The system configuration that he used to make this possible are as follows:

  • EVGA X79 DARK + 3930K
  • EVGA NEX 1500W
  • F1 GEMINI and TEK FAT LN2 units

At the time of writing, KINGPIN holds #1 ranking for Quad SLI of the GTX Titan for 3DMark 11 Performance preset, 3DMark Vantage Performance ,3DMark’s Fire Strike Extreme and 3DMark’s Fire Strike. Whereas for a single card, KINGPIN holds #1 ranking in Unigine Heaven Xtreme preset, 3DMark performance preset, 3DMark 03, 3DMark Vantage Performance preset, 3DMark Fire Strike and 3DMark Extreme preset.

This itself shows the overclocking and multi-GPU potential that the new GTX Titan has which should encourage a lot of overclockers to grab this card. For those who don’t know, GTX Titan is based on Nvidia’s GK110 GPU core with 6GB of memory, a 384 bit memory bus, core clock on stock set at 837 MHz with a memory clock at 1502MHz while the card is priced around $1,000 USD. The core/memory clock that Kingpin achieved is significantly higher, although he had to cool the Intel 3930K, 2x GTX Titan cards and G Skill’s Trident X memory kits in LN2 to achieve these scores on 3DMark, 3DMark 03, Vantage and 11 followed by Unigine’s Heaven benchmark.

As of now, in the single GeForce GTX Titan leaderboards, so far Kingpin an hokiealimnus are the ones who have submitted their results with overclocking records, but since KINGPIN has put up a target for enthusiasts to reach, it will be interesting to see how many overclockers participate, making or breaking records using this gem of a graphics card.

 Source: Kingpin Cooling

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