KFA2 GTX 750 Ti OC 2GB Graphics Card Review

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Introduction, Specifications and Packaging


Nvidia’s GTX 750 Ti is a great graphics card, when we reviewed it a few months ago we were impressed by the level of power efficiency and performance that you got for the price of $150. However, at the same time the reference design delivered by Nvidia wasn’t exactly inspiring – the cooling solution appeared to be half an Intel stock cooler (and that’s being generous) while the card lacked any form of stylish design and had a relatively impractical rear I/O. As a result of those flaws we’ve been excited to see what Nvidia partners were going to produce to make the GTX 750 Ti a better graphics card. Today we have a GTX 750 Ti from KFA2, the KFA2 GTX 750 Ti OC. In North America and Asia our readers will be able to buy the same product under the Galaxy brand name where the product goes by the name of the “Galaxy GTX 750 Ti GC Slim“. As you may have noticed this graphics card uses a low profile design – although I think the Slim moniker is misleading as it is still a dual slot width. KFA2 have also given a relatively generous overclock which you can see in the table below.

Specifications Analysis

KFA2’s overclock is fairly modest given the potential of the GTX 750 Ti, they have added 52 MHz to the core clock, 65MHz to the boost clock and left the memory to operate at stock frequencies. The pricing comes in at $160 which isn’t the Nvidia suggested reference price of $150, but currently $160 is the de-facto retail price for GTX 750 Tis.


Packaging and Bundle

The packaging comes with KFA2’s usual gaming animations and points out some key Nvidia features.

KFA2 GTX 750 Ti OC (2)

On the back we see more of those Nvidia features detailed.

KFA2 GTX 750 Ti OC (1)

The included bundle is very basic, just a Driver CD and a setup guide. I’m quite disappointed to see that this is hinted at as a low profile graphics card but it actually has now low profile adapter when KFA2 could have easily and cheaply provided that. As it stands the card itself is low profile but the bracket is not.

KFA2 GTX 750 Ti OC (3)

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  1. Introduction, Specifications and Packaging
  2. A Closer Look
  3. Test System and Procedures
  4. 3DMark
  5. 3DMark 11
  6. Unigine Heaven 4.0
  7. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  8. Batman: Arkham Origins
  9. Battlefield 4
  10. Bioshock Infinite
  11. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  12. Metro: Last Light
  13. Tomb Raider
  14. Performance Summary
  15. CryptoCurrency Mining Performance (Scrypt)
  16. Compute Performance
  17. Noise Levels
  18. Power Consumption
  19. Temperatures
  20. Overclocking & Overclocked Performance
  21. Final Thoughts
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