iWatch May Sell to at Least 10% of Existing iPhone Users in 2015

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iWatch, it’s a concept and word that has been flowing around for a number of months now and as we draw closer the end of the year, when it is expected that the accomplice to the iPhone will go on sale, speculations regarding the first year figures are already starting to be made – even if we don’t what it looks like.

It is a clear-cut fact that the iPhone is one of the most common smartphones on the market and we only have to look at each launch event over the last two or three years to confirm the point that Apple don’t need to do any marketing in order for their iGathering to swarm in and get their hands on the latest iProduct which typically has a shelf life of under a year before it is ‘out-of-date’ and not worthy enough to shout about. Not surprisingly with the iWatch coming in as a totally new product line, but by no means a concept as Samsung and Sony are already ahead of the game with their rival products, market analysts predict that this could be one of the biggest launches that Apple are going to see.

Based on the estimated number of iPhone users that Apple will have globally by the end of this year, that’s around 335 million of them, Keith Bachman, a market analyst for BMO Capital Markets reckons that around 33.5 million iWatch devices would sell in year one, but only as a low-end guess. To broaden the range of sales figures, should double the number of users jump on the iWatch bandwagon without even thinking about it, Apple could be looking to sell around 12 million units a month for the first twelve months. Simply put that is monumental.

In addition to its design though, no-one has a clue on what features the iWatch will bring with it. Obviously we expect the same basics as their rival products, such as text message and call alerts, as well as calendar notifications and possibly remote camera operation, but with Apple being Apple, matching everyone else’s feature set is never good enough and they have to take things up a notch and add one or two extras in the mix. That said though Apple won’t need to tell anyone about these extras as the followers just see the box and buy it, no questions asked.

With the cost of the iWatch not even known either, all we are talking about here could quite easily be about nothing, but let’s be honest, we know it is not going to be pocket-money price and no matter how many units they sell in the first year, whenever that happens to be, Apple will be making a small fortune in sales. I wouldn’t be surprised either if iPhone sales jump up as well as users from outside of the iPhone cult come in to join the way of life that is Apple.

Source: Apple Insider

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