iPhones Are a Run-of-the-Mill Discovery For a Japanese Grain Depot

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Man finds cell phone in Japan

We hear lots of bizarre news stories over the course of each year, many of them not surprisingly relating to Apples iDevices and in particular the iPhone and this story is of no exception. A Japanese grain milling depot has discovered on numerous occasions that iPhones are turning up in their grain prior to milling.

On one occasion, Oklahoma farmer Kevin Whitley though his beloved iPhone was lost as he dropped it into a grain silo holding 280,000 lb of grain which was destined for the milling plant in Japan. Although Kevin knew where his iPhone was, the task of searching through such an immense volume of grain was impossible and he deemed his iPhone and its contents to be lost forever.

After being dropped into the silo, the phone and its grain companions made their way down the road to another holding facility in Inola after which it went down the Arkansas and Mississippi rivers to an even larger holing facility in Louisiana.

Little did he know however that nine months down the line and after sailing over to Japan, workers found his phone in their shipment and remarkably in one piece. After being discovered, workers contacted Whitney to inform him that they had his phone in their hands and it was soon on its way back home to Oklahoma a full nine months after it was dropped.

“It’s crazy I can’t believe it. What really shocked me about it all was what a small world it is,” Whitney told KFOR. “There a lot of a lot of meaningful pictures on it so we are real glad to get the phone back.”

According to the mill, at least one iPhone per month is found in their shipments of grain and although Whitney’s phone was discovered in one piece before the grain was sent to be milled, other handsets are not so fortunate. In some instances the phones end up in the mill where the crushing forces cause the phones to explode, writing off over a ton of flour and feed grain in the process.

Source: The Blaze

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