iPad Air 2 Will Be First Apple Tablet to Feature 2GB Memory

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Apple hasn’t gone above the 1GB memory on their products so far, but that is about to change. No it isn’t the new iPhone 6, that will still only have 1GB memory. It is the new iPad Air 2, that is due this fall, that will double up the memory to keep up with more multi-tasking demand.

The iPad generation started out with 256MB and then gradually upgraded. First the iPad 2 and iPad mini got 512MB and the iPad 3 then finally got an entire GB of memory. However, while the iPad Air 2 will get the upgrade, the iPad mini 3 won’t and will stay on 1GB.


This could be because of the need for greater multi-function screen space to accommodate gestures, but also to allow multi-page display of visual effects better. These new features might only be for the 9 inch model though, as the smaller 7.9 inch mini doesn’t get the memory upgrade. According to leaks it’s likely that Apple iOS will launch in May 2015 and the features were already partly there, but hidden, in iOS7. When jailbreaked they become visible, but aren’t fully configured yet.

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1 Comment on iPad Air 2 Will Be First Apple Tablet to Feature 2GB Memory

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Another excuse to charge more for what are already highly overpriced and overrated products. Maybe it’s just me (and millions of others) that fails to see the mystique in their products. I have used some of them for a while including the iPhone 5S and iPad mini, I in fact purchased a brand new iPad mini because I got it at such a good price at a clearance sale and sold it a month later for nearly double. While neither disappointed me, they didn’t impress me much either.
    I’m actually surprised to hear the iPhone 6 will only have a measly 1GB of RAM on board.

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