iPad Air 2 Specifications Leaked

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The waiting time is almost over for those of you that have been waiting to hear the next news from Apple. At first it was rumoured that Apple would hold its next event on the 21st, but new leaks and sources tell that the event will be held on the 16th. So that’s just a little over a week away. We’ve already heard about the new iMac’s with 5K Retina display and OS X Yosemite being presented at the event, but there is more.

Apple is also set to unveil their 6th generation of iPad, which is said to be the thinnest tablet available. The iPad Air 2 is set to make its début at the event according to two separate sources. These sources also shared images of the new products, but in order to protect them the blog decided to only describe and not publish them. While that’s a bit disappointing, it’s also understandable. While there can be last-minute changes prior to such a launch and after the leaks, it  seems unlikely this time as the mass production has started. If any, changes will be minor.

So here are the facts about the new iPad Air 2. The display is produced by TPK, GIS, Sharp, Samsung and LG among a few others and will use the same fully laminated display technique that’s already been used with the iPhone for years. This is done by manufacturing the cover glass and Retina LCD as a single unit. This in return allows for a thinner product. It isn’t sure yet if Apple will make the jump to Retina HD screens just yet, but it would be a reasonable assumption.

The overall design is said to be same with just minor adjustments. It will have the same bezels and shape, but it will be 0.5 mm thinner than the previous model. Besides the improved manufacturing technique used in the display, the thinner size is archived by removing the mute/vibration switch. The speakers have been re-engineered and only take up a single row grill now instead of the previous two; but the new holes are drilled slightly larger. The microphones have been relocated from the top to next to the camera module; one on each side. The volume controls have been recessed a bit more which gives them a better blend with the shape and design.

The front camera is being upgraded to support 720p video calls and the rear camera is getting upgraded to 8 MP; this should improve almost all aspects of taking photos with the iPad, except how you look when doing so. We’ve previously heard that the RAM will be doubled to 2 GB and the processor is upgraded to the new A8 chip manufactured by TMSC; the improvements on the processor should allow for a longer battery life, something anyone can appreciate.

Unconfirmed rumours suggest that Apple might scratch the 16 GB model for the Air and only sell 32, 64 and 128 GB version. The Touch ID has been added to the iPad Air 2 as well and is said to have been redesigned in almost all aspects due to the high failure rate of these in the last year. Apple Pay will also work with the iPad Air 2, though you’ll look just as silly paying with it as you will taking photos. The sources tell that Apply Pay wont be unveiled at the event, but shortly after. The new Air will also be available in a Gold coloured version on top of the black and silver.

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  • Avatar Wayne says:

    That was a really long winded way of saying “There’s absolutely nothing spectacular, special or anything noteworthy about this upcoming contraption”.

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