Intel’s Haswell Refresh Processors Are Now Available

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The time has finally come, the Intel Core “Haswell” refresh processors are now officially available from retailers. The LGA1150 compatible processors bring with them support for the Intel 8 Series chipset with BIOS updates, as well as the new Intel 9 Series chipsets. The Haswell refresh brings a speed boost over the current Haswell lineup, but the price points will remain the same.

The Core i7-4790 runs at 3.60 GHz, with a Turbo Boost frequency of 4.00 GHz, 8MB of L3 cache and HyperThreading. The new chip will be priced at $319.99, placing it between the i7-4770 and the i7-4770K. The Core i5-4690 features a clock speed of 3.30 GHz and a 3.90 GHz Turbo Boost, 6MB of L3 cache, but lacks the HyperThreading features at a price of $224.

Both of the new CPU’s lack upwards unlocked base-clock multipliers, so overclocking is going to be all but none existent on the new hardware, so those wanting to get into the extreme end will want to wait until mid-June when the K series “Devil’s Canyon” silicon launches.

Other options hitting the market this week include;

  • i5-4590 quad-core, 3.20 GHz / 3.70 GHz, 6 MB L3, $199.99
  • i5-4460 quad-core, 3.20 GHz / 3.70 GHz, 6 MB L3, $189
  • i7-4790S quad-core, 3.20 GHz, 8 MB L3, HTT, $314, low TDP
  • i5-4690S quad-core, 3.20 GHz, 6 MB L3, $224
  • i5-4590S quad-core, 3.00 GHz, 6 MB L3, $199

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