Intel’s Desktop Roadmap Reveals New Ivy Bridge-E And Haswell Parts

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intel_roadmap_ibe_1CPU World have managed to confirm some leaks of Intel’s roadmap made quite a while ago by Asder00 Italy Blogspot. These leaks essentially reveal to us some details on Ivy Bridge-E, that is the next revision of the LGA 2011 X79 platform, and of Haswell’s yet to be released parts. The first slide reveals to us details of the new Ivy Bridge-E platform. Although we have already known these details for nearly 3 months now so I encourage you to check out our older Ivy Bridge-E article hereyou can also check out suspected engineering sample performance of the i7 4960X here.

Ivy Bridge-E aside though, the new roadmap also points out an Ivy Bridge i7-4771 processor which is likely to be a i7 4770 with bolstered integrated graphics. This is since if it had removed integrated graphics it’d get the P moniker, if it was lower power it would use the T or S moniker and so a higher number means something is “better” which we think will be the integrated graphics. Who knows we might even see Iris Pro on some Haswell desktop Core i7 parts.

The next slide confirms that X79 is the chipset and paltform of choice for Ivy Bridge-E whilst it also suggests Z97 and H97 chipsets are coming for the Haswell refresh in Q2 of 2014. The Haswell refresh is a “tick” in the Intel development cycle meaning it will step the Haswell architecture down to 14nm transistors from 22nm whilst retaining the same core design.intel_roadmap_ibe_3

Furthermore the third slide shows us the unreleased Haswell Core i3 and Pentium models. There is also a mention of Haswell powered Celerons coming in Q1 of 2014 but Intel is always known for delaying the “lower end” parts like the Core i3, Pentium and Celerons in order to fully capitalise on the initial high value launch Core i5s and Core i7s. Again this slide details the Haswell refresh coming in Q2 of 2014.

What are your thoughts on all these new CPU details?

Images courtesy of Asder00 Italy Blogspot

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1 Comment on Intel’s Desktop Roadmap Reveals New Ivy Bridge-E And Haswell Parts

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    Ok, that means only one more year to go before haswell refresh.. I hope they respond to the heating issue present in haswell.

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