Intel Skylake i7 6700K Performance Leaked Again Along with Discrete GPU 3DMark

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Intel Skylake-Core-i7-6700K-vs-Core-i7-4790K_Firestrike-Ultra

Given the sheer amount of leaks coming out, Intel’s Skylake should be just around the corner. Today, we have more i7 6700K benchmarks to share, this time compared on an MSI board vs an i7 4790K. While the MSI board is not one those fancy schmancy ones leaked earlier, the MSI Z170A Gaming Pro does bundle a number of newer features like Turbo M.2, Lan Protect, Game Boost and of course LGA 1151 and DDR4.

Starting right off the bat, both chips are stock clocked so the i7 6700K 5.2Ghz and later 6.3Ghz overclocks don’t apply. Despite a small 200mhz speed advantage at full boost, the i7 6700K manages to pull ahead in most tasks, albeit slightly at about 3% faster overall. Taking the clock speed into account, that gives an IPC boost of about 8%, which is about par given the jump from Ivy Bridge to Haswell. When driving a dGPU. Skylake stretches its lead a bit more, posting a 6% improvement that means an IPC gain of 11% once you consider the clock speed deficit.

Intel Skylake Core-i7-6700K-vs-Core-i7-4790K_Gaming-Benchmarks

There were a few anomalies with WinRAR posting mixed results, with the 6700K pulling ahead in multi-thread but dropped behind in single-thread. This also holds true for 3DMark Firestrike Ultra, with mixed scores there as well. While these issues could be caused by unfinished drivers, the more likely cause is run to run variation. It’s also important to note that motherboards do play a role in performance, but that is something hard to quantify across generations. Overall, the tests do point out to yet another standard release for Intel with a decent but still minor boost in IPC, with real world overclocking remaining the big unknown. Stay tuned for more coverage as we near the August launch.

Intel Skylake Core-i7-6700K-vs-Core-i7-4790K_Performance-Benchmarks

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