Intel Roadmap Reveals More BGA Package CPUs

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Intel’s BGA processors are definitely going to become a bigger part of Intel’s portfolio in the future and by the looks of things these BGA packages are mainly designed to transform the bottom segment of the market – that is Pentium, Celeron and Atom processor segmentations. The latest roadmap has outlined Intel’s BGA plans and as you can see by Q4 of this year we will see a whole new array of Bay Trail-D based BGA processors from Intel. For those who are unaware BGA is “ball grid array” and LGA is “land grid array”. Essentially BGA means the processor comes pre-fitted, often soldered, into a motherboard with a chipset. This way the motherboard, chipset and CPU is one complete whole and cannot be customised separately. BGAs are best viewed as SoCs (system on chips).


Furthermore Intel are not neglecting the top end of the market either with a single Core i7 BGA processor and two Core i5 BGA processors. All the key specifications are here for you to see but what’s interesting is that Intel’s high performance BGA processors all have the Iris Pro graphics which are actually very strong – better than those on AMD’s APU (like the A10-6800K) – though the Caveat is that Intel’s BGA processors will likely cost twice as much. All these BGA processors will lead the Intel BGA charge well into mid/late 2014. BGA processors will continue to sit alongside LGA processors and anyone that tells you otherwise is lying, BGA will not be replacing LGA – at least not anytime soon.

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8 Comments on Intel Roadmap Reveals More BGA Package CPUs

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    That’s nice to know but one day it surely will.

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    Let see how these does – even in mainstream market..

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    And, they just can’t ditch LGA because of high end builders and enthusiast heavily depend on that.

    • Avatar zakk says:

      arguably they could, what percentage of the comp industry custom builds their own computers? way less than the average family consumer or soccer mom going out and buying computers… they would rather lose 20% and keep 80% for example if that was the ratio.. am i happy bout it? no. but business wise does it make sense? absolutely.

      • Avatar d6bmg says:

        Enthusiast components cost big. 😉

      • Avatar Eric Beadle says:

        Upcoming computer shops that are opening as the IT industry expands. In the future, it would be ma and pa computer shops/family ran SBA…

        I build custom computers using mid grade enthusiast parts that sell for the same price inside of a store that beats the stores performance by waiting for the right time to do so and letting my past, current clients know WHEN to start shopping for new parts to repair, or for a new build. Thus saving them money so they can get a bang for their buck. Prime example my couzin has a GAMING case that takes liquid cooling overall cost of build is 600.00 usd. She didn’t need that tower, however it came out cheaper as a deal on newegg than seperate. So why not.

  • Avatar 24601 says:

    Not sure how I feel yet. It would make builds simpler — but it would also force the enthusiast’s hand in terms of Mobo purchases. Commonly, people tend to buy a more substantial mobo and leave room to grow in terms of proc. I went from a 3200 A64 back in 2006 to a 4200 X2 (for example).

  • Avatar Chuck R. says:

    SoC is fine and great for laptops netbooks and tablets..but this will not fly in the desktop market..
    Then again? These are all of the lower end and portable CPUs..
    If they start mentioning the I-series (i3,i5,i7)? Then Intel users better start getting concerned..

    I sure as hell would not want a pre-configured motherboard choice if I’m paying top dollar for an Intel CPU.
    If I’m looking to spend more than $200 on a cpu..more than likely I will want sli or crossfire, and all the bells and whistles on my motherboard..

    Just noticed second chart…no thank you intel…
    Do not want your crumby motherboard selection…

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