Intel Core i7 4960X Gets “De-Lidded”

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Intel’s Ivy Bridge was plagued by heat problems which many have put down to the low quality thermal paste under the IHS. We actually tested this and found changing for better quality thermal paste made up to 8 degrees of difference, aka temperature reduction, on a 4.5GHz overclocked i5 3570K. If the work done by Toppc of is to be believed then Ivy Bridge-E for X79, LGA 2011, will not suffer from the same problems as it opts for some strong fluxless solder much like we saw on Sandy Bridge.

Toppc of managed to score an Ivy Bridge-E Engineering Sample (ES) chip of the Core i7 4960X, the new flagship. He wasted no time in whipping off the IHS which was soldered down with thermal adhesive around the edges. The strong epoxy/solder hybrid is very hard to get off and by the looks of things Toppc more or less bricked is $1000 ES i7 4960X processor. In any case, users will find that they simply do not need to remove the IHS because Intel have opted for solder.


I guess it’s good news Intel are opting for solder but it was to be expected as Intel is always looking for ways to push those enthusiasts from the cheaper LGA 1155 platform to the expensive LGA 2011 platform. What are your thoughts on this?


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3 Comments on Intel Core i7 4960X Gets “De-Lidded”

  • Avatar Mr. Moist says:

    Wahey there is still a sane person working for Intel

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    It’s a lousy tactic to get to try get enthusiasts to buy into the overpriced LGA 2011 platform since most of them don’t need it anyway. I believe Intel is still using that cheapo glop on Haswell. Judging from the temps of my i5 4670K I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    Cheap marketing tactic by Intel. I’m seriously depressed.

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