Intel Core i7 3960X Extreme Edition CPU Processor Review

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Being involved with such companies as Intel means that we get samples sent to us pre-production. This generally means that we receive OEM style products with no packaging or retail focus. Due to this, it’s always interesting for us to take a look at what’s going to be on offer when it does hit the retail market.

Due to the different models that will be available, different packaging is available for each. As we’re looking at the 3960X Extreme Edition, you’ll find that it will come packaged in the black style box on the right.

Much like AMD, Intel will also offer a watercooling unit which is aimed at the enthusiast market, much like the type of consumer who is likely to buy the 3960X Extreme Edition. It offers better cooling than a air cooler whilst offering near silent noise output at the same time.

Taking a look at the processor itself we find the overall outlay to be quite large, much like we saw with socket 1366 processors, though slightly larger and continues with the standard IHS based design that we’re used to from both AMD and Intel.

The processor makes contact with 2011 pins, hence the name of the socket; LGA 2011 and features a base clock speed of 3.3GHz. Due to the turbo frequency, this CPU can easily be tuned to run at 3.9GHz and incorporates 6 cores and 12 threads due to hyper threading. Cache wise, the 3960X has 15MB of shared L3 cache and has memory support up to 4 channels of DDR3 1600MHz but obviously depending on your board can run faster. The TDP of this particular CPU is 130W and prices will vary region to region but typical RRP for this CPU is $990 USD.

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