Inno3D GTX 980Ti iChill Black Graphics Card Review

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3D Mark


Even though the GPU has a lower core clock than the Inno3D 980Ti Ultra DHS, it manages to attain a higher score. As you can see, the results here are brilliant and exemplifies the sort of performance on offer during synthetic testing.

3dmark 1

Once the resolution is set to 2560×1440, the GPU follows a similar pattern and isn’t too far off the best scores we’ve encountered.

3dmark 2

The field is incredibly close during 4K benchmarking, and it’s evidently clear that the graphics card has sensational stock performance brought about by a hefty boost clock.

3dmark 3

Unigine Valley

Here we can see the graphics card reports the best minimum frame-rate on record and remains with 1 frame of the top result. There’s nothing to choose from between the three custom 980Ti cards, which showcases the strong performance on this particular chip.

valley 1

In a similar fashion, the GPU once again records the best minimum frame-rate and obtains an impressive average of 61 frames-per-second. Notice the fairly significant gap to the reference GTX Titan X.

valley 2

The graphical demands on a 4K display during this benchmark are supreme which makes it very challenging to achieve good performance. Despite this, the GPU did extremely well and matched my expectations for a card of this calibre.

valley 3

Compute Performance

In terms of compute performance, the graphics card reports a good score, but it’s slightly behind its nearest rivals. Perhaps, this is down to the lower core clock which has a noticeable effect with OpenCL calculations.


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