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Last week, the popular website, Ars Technica posted a story about the latest version of Steams VR solution. For us tech enthusiasts, it provided some good news, but according to Ars post today, they seemed to get some pushback from the article.

They state in the latest post that Imax contacted them on the 16th. They said that the story that Ars had released needed retracting because it included a reference to Imax without their permission. imaxlel

The above letter is what was sent to the news website, pretty surprising when you read it. It looks to me that Imax reacted unnecessarily against such a trivial comment.

The reference made was from a game designer for Machkovtech, Alex Schwartz. He predicted that SteamVR could seriously appeal to people despite the fact the system takes up a lot of space.

“It’s like saying, ‘I have an IMAX theater in my house,'” he told Machkovech. “It’s so much better that we can get away with a cumbersome setup.”

Amusingly Imax clearly didn’t like the compliment.

This letter is part of a trend, Ars stated in the article. Apparently more and more companies are starting to believe that if owning a trademark then they can control any speech about it. Ars also say that Imax have taken it to the next level believing it is entitled to literally silence someone speaking to a journalist because the name of a corporation happened to slip out of his mouth.

Thank you to Ars Technica for providing us with this information.

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1 Comment on IMAX Try to Censor Ars Technica Article

  • Avatar arttronics says:

    I see nothing wrong with the letter from IMAX™ since it’s defending it’s trademark name and possible future product.

    Perchance there is a family theme park that features an IMAX™ VirtualMax© Experience² in development, which makes it in the best interest for IMAX™ to protect it’s name.

    ² = Citation needed: This Experience occurs inside a large venue, not a living room.

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