Idiots Troll Spielberg on Facebook For Killing a Dinosaur?!

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Steven Spielberg is the centre of a lot of trolling on Facebook recently after images were shared of the legendary director next to a mechanical Triceratops on the set of 1993 classic Jurassic Park. Now just between you, me and a few billion other people with common sense, dinosaurs are extinct and we all know this was just a pretend dead dinosaur, right?

Jay Branscomb posted on Facebook;

“Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a Triceratops he just slaughtered. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man.”

Of course there are those of us who know this was just a joke, set up to take full advantage of the stupid nature of these “like if you think this is disgusting” Facebook pains in the butt that constantly do the rounds, but the joke only gets better as people with little clue about the nature of dinosaurs believed it was a real one that Spielberg had killed… oh dear.

“a worthless son of a b****!”

“One day we realise that we are killing all animals on this planet and we need them to survive. But, when we realise it will be too late.”

“I did not know that Steven Spielberg is a dinosaur hunter I am not only outraged, but disgusted!!”

“He’s a disgusting inhumane p***k,”

“I’d love to see these hunters be stopped. I think zoos are the best way to keep these innocent animals safe… assholes like this piece of s**t are going into these beautiful animals’ homes… and killing them. It’s no different to someone coming into your home and murdering you… I’m not watching any of your movies again ANIMAL KILLER.”

It’s nice to see that someone is finally standing up for dinosaur rights, and even more so for those of dead mechanical movie props. Check out the massively viral Facebook post right here for more amazing comments from the uninformed masses. I don’t mean to make fun of people who really do only mean good by being against hunting, but seriously… it’s a fricken dinosaur! They’ve been dead for a long time.

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