Ice Bucket Challenge helps ALS Wikipedia Page Views Grow 18-fold

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We’ve been covering quite a lot of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge recently – from Destiny’s Ghost taking up the call, to some very heart wrenching and moving videos.

However, the question is quite often asked on social media by many – what is this actually doing for ALS awareness? Well, thanks to the Wikimedia Foundation, we’ve learned that the ALS Wikipedia page (English) has been viewed 2.89 million times in August alone, compared to a relatively small 163,000 per month on average in the first half of 2014. This means the page views have gone up 18 times their previous numbers.

Thus far, over $100 million has been raised for the ALS Association since the viral challenge hit our news feeds and with this latest Wikipedia news, it’s showing that not only is the challenge a way for some people to show off their best wet t-shirt bods and gain some internet ‘likes’ – there is actually a purpose behind this and it’s quite possibly working.

Have you completed the ice bucket challenge? Did you donate? Have you learned anything? We’re keen to hear from you – so let us know.

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1 Comment on Ice Bucket Challenge helps ALS Wikipedia Page Views Grow 18-fold

  • Avatar Jasper Skallow says:

    It is only what I, in the absence of a more thought through explanation, would call a ‘copy cat phenomena’ with individuals wanting to be recognised within a group by display of similarities and/or agreement. Much like when I supplied photos of my PC and the subsequent feelings of slight unhappiness within my pride as a self appointed ‘crafty individual’ when unrecognised. Why do something unpleasant? For pleasant results. I have language difficulties so forgive my hazardous use of the English language and loss of content. I may edit this later on~

    In the absence of wisdom our instinct reacts on the evident to further our place within the environment. What would be easily learned is that gaining a cooperative majority need only have the correct driving motivator. Ensue the parade..

    I believe that living to values by silent example in deciding our character is more potently effective than the display of them, were the proper course of action pursued there would be no such requirement for raising money or awareness. The trend of charity only perpetuates itself (and money) as intrinsic to subsistence. Ironically, I am quite vocal about this all, ha

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