IBM Boss Unhappy After Poor Quarter Results

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Virginia Rometty has taken to making a five min video with her webcam that is essentially just her bitching about her staff being “too slow”, had a go at sales staff for failing to sign deals and more. All of which you can imagine didn’t go down to well with her staff, so much so that they did her the pleasure of sending her rant over to the Wall Street Journal, oh my!

“As the quarter ended, hundreds of millions of dollars of software and mainframe opportunities, they didn’t close and that was because we didn’t move fast enough,” said Virginia.

She pulled up examples of how IBM was too slow in understanding the value of deals, not moving in time to approve and sign-off on deals and that if any client where to have questions or requests in the future, IBM better respond within a day!

“And if anything slows you down, call it out. Engage management, engage leadership and let’s deal with it,”

It’s certainly a bold statement and clearly there is going to be quite the shake up at IBM as a result, with claims from her give minute rant that she’s already spoken to under performing departments with intentions to shake down others, requiring substantial actions to sort out the business such as their recent move of swapping the head of corporate strategy with the head of systems and technology.

It’s no doubt going to take a while for the dust to settle at AMD but one can be certain, that right or wrong on the matter, she’s not going to be the most popular member of the office as she aims to pass the buck for failures onto staff.


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