How To Install An SSD Into The PlayStation 4

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Peter over at Gamespot has decided to dismantle a bit of his brand new PlayStation 4 to do something that many people have been wanting to investigate, can you install a high performance SSD in place of the stock PlayStation 4 hard drive? Yes you can!

Replacing the hard drive in the PlayStation 4 is not a difficult task, a simple pop off cover is removed, a single screw with some cool Sony branding on it is undone and bam! You have access to the hard drive. Slot the drive out, pop in the new SSD and turn on the console, it really is that simple.

Sony allowed us to upgrade the hard drive on the PlayStation 3 and that trend is easily set to continue, many may be put off by swapping out the hard drive on a technical level, but it really is a 1 minute job at best.

In the video we see how easy it really is, not only that be we see a definite increase in performance when he boots up a game on the SSD equipped PlayStation 4 vs the standard hard drive. Of course the only issue here is that price per GB of an SSD is a lot higher than a mechanical hard drive, so if you do want faster performance it may be worth just getting a better mechanical drive so you can balance an improvement in speed with an increase in capacity without hurting your wallet too much.


Thank you Gamerspot for providing us with this information.

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