Halo 5 is Not Coming to PC According to Aaron Greenberg

by - 5 years ago

Halo 5

Yesterday, Halo series director Frank O’Connor announced, “There is plenty of chance that Halo 5 could appear on the PC,” which came as a surprising revelation. However, this has now been categorically denied by Aaron Greenberg, the head of Xbox marketing who said:

The conflicting message between 343 and the Xbox division is quite puzzling and demonstrates a lack of communication. On another note, I cannot understand Microsoft’s stubbornness towards PC gaming. Not so long ago, Phil Spencer proclaimed “it’s time for us to talk about gaming on Windows” and promised Microsoft would take PC gaming more seriously. Over the years, Microsoft has made a number of pledges and always failed to produce the goods.

Granted, there are a few titles working their way to PC including Gears of War Remastered, Fable Legends and Halo Wars 2. However, for all their posturing, Microsoft doesn’t seem interested in porting leading Xbox exclusives like Forza and Halo. Honestly, I don’t understand Microsoft’s logic and feel they are making a monumental mistake. Some might argue exclusives are required to entice customers to purchase an Xbox One.

On the other hand, I’m not entirely convinced the PC gaming audience is competing with the Xbox One. Console players prefer the plug-and-play experience and can be overwhelmed by the huge amount of PC components. As a result, Microsoft is intentionally restricting their sales, and consumer base. This is complete madness and their unwillingness to support PC gaming has helped make Valve the successful company it is today.

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6 Comments on Halo 5 is Not Coming to PC According to Aaron Greenberg

  • This is already know news, the only things that made xbox of the new appreciable is the Halo 5, If they release Halo 5 for PC I think nobody goes to buy a XboxOne.

    But, I dream the day where we can goes back to play Halo on pc! It was my first game love! Halo Combat evolved on PC 😉

  • Avatar grumpytrooper says:

    the biggest question of all is :- Why did MicroSoft even bother developing a console (at a loss I might add) when they were in the perfect position to take over PC Gaming ??? Why waste money on a platform when you had the best platform all ready and waiting for investment ?

    • Avatar Ravi Parekh says:

      standardised platform = consistent output + consistent user experience. A game will run the same on any xbox of the same specs (in theory, down to very little error). PC requires tinkering and so many combinations of hardware that if you get the recipe wrong like Batman Arkham Knight or Assassins Creed Unity, it will shit all over your user ratings. User ratings pretty much dictate whether to buy a game or not. This is of course not the formal answer, but my interpretation.

      • Avatar grumpytrooper says:

        Considering that Microsoft has probably the greatest experience with pc architecture and a great idea of what components are capable of, there is no reason at all to have moved away from PC. They messed up huge with GFWL and instead of running away they should have learnt from their mistakes and improved the service they offered. Microsoft were in a great position to implement everything they wanted into a new and improved “management system”, I mean, look at Steam now – it has even started to stream films (gaming related) but what is to stop it from becoming like Netflix when all of their hardware is available ? Film/tv streaming with gaming ….. does that sound familiar (Xbox & PS4) – it is possible on pc’s also and I believe there will be a huge market for it.

        To make money in PC land you have to be patient and stick to your goals, not turn and run just because your first attempt failed. If I ran Microsoft I would make all Xbox and Windows machines from a standard pattern with each being able to support software of the other….but that is a whole other discussion.

        I suppose the only thing to say is that Microsoft has abandoned PC gaming despite what it says and promises with Windows 10.

  • Avatar Robert Lee Dunn SR says:

    The only problem I see about Microsoft is they want to shove Xbox down our necks. I hate Xbox, won’t ever buy another one again. Shit im on my 5th one now…. Also my family is moving to PC’s and away from consoles. Also my son is a Halo fan but Im not going to go out and buy an XBox One for 399$ just so he can play Halo 5. I see him play more of his PC then the PS3 or Xbox 360. Also as it seems Steam and their SteamOS is going to beat XBox and Playstation for the next 10-20+ Years…

  • Avatar charley machicote says:

    halo was made for PC from the start come on MS give us back our Halo

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