Halo 5 Coming to PC Seems Very Possible

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Halo 5 is currently running a limited Beta on Xbox One and from what little I’ve had chance to play, it’s shaping up to be a great competitive shooter, but one thing caught my attention and it looks like I’m not the only one. Above we have a screenshot courtesy of DSOGaming from the game that shows some interesting information, “may be available later on other platforms”.

It’s no secret that Microsoft is pushing hard to make Windows a gaming platform again with Windows 10. The new DirectX 12 API is just around the corner, set to launch with the new OS and it’ll even make its way to Windows 8. The new Xbox Live dashboard app is in the latest Windows 10 preview and it wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft pushed Halo onto a new OS, just look at Windows Vista and Halo 2.

This is of course a rumour or at least a rumour based on real world information that may or may not be correct. PC gaming is booming and Microsoft are currently way behind the pack. So long as they don’t give us another GFWL fiasco, I’m happy.


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3 Comments on Halo 5 Coming to PC Seems Very Possible

  • Avatar 63Jax says:

    it’s really stupid now not to release these games on PC too. the current consoles architecture are based on x86 cpus so more than 70% is done, only some performance optimizations and controls remain.

    • Avatar Jacob Mckinnon says:

      The main reason they don’t port it over to PC is due to it being their number 1 console seller. People buy Xbox Ones solely for Halo, so Microsoft think “May as well make some money of the bastards” by getting them to not only pay the $99 for Halo but the extra $500 for the Xbox one

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