More Details of Nvidia GTX 760 Ti, 770, 780 Emerge

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The good people over at Fudzilla have got their hands on some new information for the new Nvidia GTX 7xx range of graphics cards and with the latest range of GPUs set to launch very soon, people are already getting excited and clamoring for more and more information on the next generation of Nvidia hardware.

At the bottom of the 7XX range (in terms of performance) is the GTX 760 Ti, which will be based on the GK104 225 hardware. While the GTX 750 Ti is fitted out with a 256-bit memory interface that brings it close in terms of performance to the current GTX 670 hardware.

Both of these new cards will be the first in another long line of cards from Nvidia, but Nvidia partners are set to start shipping these new cards some time towards the end of June, and the good news is that custom cards are approved, so it won’t just be a case of a new sticker on the side of a reference card. Custom coolers, PCBs and clocks should be expected around release time.

The new GTX 770 will be based around the GK104 425 hardware, with a 256-bit interface and for all intents and purposes this appears to be a rebranding of the GTX 680, but given that the 680 is still an incredible card, this is no bad thing. The card is said to look something like the GTX Titan at the moment, but Nvidia will no allow for customisation of PCB and coolers on this range, so expect really exciting things to happen here soon.

The NVTTM cooling fan on the GTX 770 is said to allow higher clocks than the GTX 680, offering up around 5% performance boost, which might not sound like much, but 5% boost on an already powerful card is still a big difference.

King of them all however will be the GTX 780 and while this will also have a 256-bit interface, it will be based of the GTX Titan LE, featuring the GK110 chip, although its believed the first batch will in fact be reference design, you can still expect incredible things from this card.

Either way you can expect some of these cards to hit the market in a few weeks time, followed by the customised edition from partners shortly after and a staggered release of various editions from Nvidia to follow, either way it sounds like a solid range, even if the bulk is already on par with current hardware and personally I can’t wait to see the benchmarks of the higher end cards.


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3 Comments on More Details of Nvidia GTX 760 Ti, 770, 780 Emerge

  • Avatar Aaron Murphy says:

    Nvidia is stupid to leave the 770 and 780 with only 256 bit memory interfaces – the 600 series proved that memory bandwidth is a clear bottleneck

  • It’s probably just me but I’m finding it difficult to get excited about these cards. From what I’ve read & heard it’s just rebranded old tech. If they’re built on a newer lithography then the power savings & cooler running may just be worth it.

  • Avatar metalmechanic says:

    Save your money until the 8XX series cards come out after the new consoles launch unless you absolutely have can’t

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