GTA V – The Way It’s Meant to Be Played – 4K and Nvidia Shield

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The Hardware


Today I’ll be rocking this high-end gaming rig, equipped with a GALAX GTX 980 4GB, an Intel Core i7 and a few other bells and whistles to help me better enjoy GTA V. Yes I know, there’s even faster hardware out there, but this is still a very powerful gaming rig and one that should make a mockery of the current generation of consoles in terms of graphics performance. Not that I dislike consoles, I own quite a few of them, but PC can and will perform better today; that’s the cold hard truth.


  • Intel Core i7 4960K Devils Canyon
  • Crucial Balistix 8GB DDR3
  • Crucial BX00 120GB SSD
  • Gigabyte Gaming 5 Micro-ATX Motherboard
  • GALAX Gamer Nvidia GTX 980 4GB SOC Graphics Card
  • BitFenix FURY 650W PSU
  • BitFenix Aegis ICON Micro-ATX Chassis

Additional Hardware

  • Nvidia Shield
  • Nvidia Shield Wireless Controller
  • Xbox One Controller (for PC)

The rig I built for GTA V looks fantastic and for the eagle eyed amongst you, you’ll recognise this system build from our recent review of the BitFenix Aegis chassis. It seemed the perfect chassis for the job and I think it represents the hardware of your average high-end gaming system. Sure you can throw in a few extra GPUs or any other higher end hardware, but this system is in the realm of obtainable for most budgets, without spending lavish amounts on a Titan X.

Then we’ve got the glorious Nvidia Sheild, which like many PC gaming devices these days, supports a form of game streaming technology. Much in the same way you can stream your PC games from one Steam enabled system to another, you can do the same with an Nvidia powered PC and the Shield Tablet or Shield Handheld. The desktop system does the rendering, just like it would when you were playing at your desktop, but the video is streamed to the Shield display over your network and the control commands from any connected peripherals, in this case the Shield Wireless Controller, are sent over the network to your PC; if you want to know more about this, check out our Nvidia Shield Tablet review here.

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