Great Co-Op PC Games for You and Your Friends

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Dungeon Defenders

In recent years, there has been a boom in multiplayer games, with everything from MOBAs such as League of Legends and DOTA taking the highlights at numerous tournaments. Then we’ve got shooters like CS:GO bringing life back to classic games tournament games around the world.

Rather than you having to fight a selection of player controlled enemies, cooperative or co-op games, see teams of players fighting to protect one another to achieve common goals or sometimes just to survive. Featured below are just some of the cooperative games that we’ve been playing the most recently on PC and if you’re a newcomer to co-op, they’re great places to get started and get your co-op kicks!

Dungeon Defenders


Originally designed as a demo to show off the capabilities of the Unreal engine, it quickly became a favourite among many gamers and soon found its way into production as a full-fledged game. Seeing players act as either a Wizard, Knight or Huntress (and then through the wonder of DLC’s you can even join as a Cyborg, Barbarian or Summoner) you can use weapons and towers to help defend crystals from waves of orcs, ogres and dragons. With role-playing elements like stats and scaling mana storage (mana is the resource you use to activate your special abilities or build towers). Often going on sale for around £5 (including all its DLC’s) it’s well worth a look for you and up to three other players, either online or locally.

Check it out on Steam here

Killing Floor


Next up is another game that started its life as a mod and again uses Unreal Engine. Set in England after a company’s horrific experiments break out, Killing Floor sees up to six players fight to survive in everything from central London to rural farms. With six perks to choose from, players can use everything from a fire axe to a rocket launcher to help survive up to ten waves (with a special surprise for those who survive long enough), all earning experience in their perk’s and enhancing the specific benefits those perks grant your character. With an active community offering up new maps, added weapons, enemies and graphical enhancements, why not face a thousand Christmas monsters at Helms deep? This game is commonly found on sale, especially around times like Halloween. If your friends like a challenge and enjoy the thrill of a good horror film, why not check it out?

Interested, why not check it out on Steam here

Lego Series


Who hasn’t had enjoyed the great fun of building anything! From a drivable castle to the most reinforced car imaginable, all with those tiny blocks of joy? For some reason, they decided that making video games based on these fun little blocks would go down well, and they were absolutely right! Batman, Harry Potter, the Marvel universe, Star Wars, Jurrasic Park and even Pirates of the Caribbean are among some of the franchises blessed with Lego characters, telling a wide range of stories throughout. With split-screen co-op (two players, one screen) players are able to enjoy their favourite movies with friends or family alike. Roam around Hogwarts or New York smashing everything from the traffic to armies of Uruk-hai, all with the same joy of playing with Lego with none of the dangers of stepping on a brick in bare feet.

With so many to choose from why not take a look here.

Did we miss a game you and your friends often find yourselves coming back to? Mention it in the comments and we shall see how many we can get listed!

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2 Comments on Great Co-Op PC Games for You and Your Friends

  • Avatar Calos says:

    What a short list!
    please make a second edition…
    some from my collection:
    Gauntlet, Borderlands, Castle crushers, Fight the dragon, Magicka, Orcs must die, Payday, Portal 2, Renegade ops, Terraria, Trine, Sanctum 2, AOE2.

  • Avatar ZomBie says:

    kinda short

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