Grandis XE1236 Twin-Tower Cooler Announced by SilentiumPC

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SilentiumPC has announced a new predecessor to its current Fortis 2 XE1226 cooler, it being in the shape of the high-TDP twin-tower Grandis XE1236 heatsink. It features a twin-tower design with a pair of bundled 120mm fans, and mounts for an optional third fan if required.

The Grandis XE1236 Twin-Tower Cooler features SilentiumPC’s XE Technology in the shape of a solid-copper heat spreader, specifically designed with the means of transmitting energy from the processor to the cooler’s six 6mm U-shaped heat pipes more efficiently.

Following the heat distribution, the pipes then lead to a pair of cooling fin stacks made in a twin-tower shape, being cooled by the stock GF12025 120mm PWM-controller fans. The company also praises the XE1236 Twin-Tower’s extremely silent working environment, producing only 21 dBA. The company also states that the previous makes the cooler at hand a perfect candidate for high-end systems having high thermal design profile chips.

In terms of specs, the Grandis XE1236 Twin-Tower measures in at 130mm x 105mm x 158mm and weighs an impressive 1.16 kg. It features two 120mm fans with additional support for attaching a third fan for those who need the extra cooling power.

SilentiumPC is also looking to make the cooler’s design universal, having support for all modern Intel and AMD sockets. The company also states that it will fit in almost any ATX case with at least 185mm width available.

The price for the SilentiumPC Grandis XE1236 Twin-Tower cooler has yet to be officially confirmed. However, the retail pack including the Pactum PT-1 thermal compound is stated to have been given an European recommended value of €39 / £32.

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