GPU App Showdown: AMD Gaming Evolved vs Nvidia GeForce Experience

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Since last year AMD and Nvidia have both been fairly eager to develop and push their own software to be used with their graphics cards products. AMD released their Gaming Evolved app in September 2013 which is produced by Raptr while Nvidia released their in-house software called GeForce Experience in January 2013. Both AMD and Nvidia have been eager to lavish unique features onto their software that incentivise prospective graphics card buyers to choose them over the competition. This can also be seen as part of a broader trend among hardware vendors who are keen to offer just more than hardware. To the keen observer it has been a dramatic transformation over the past 2-3 years with SSD, motherboard, graphics card and even power supply vendors all offering value-added software to their products.


At the core of both these GPU software offerings is the assumption that it should make life easier for gamers with features such as game-optimisation and automated driver updates. But they should also give gamers more unique functionality and incentives to use the software: such as rewarding gamers for using the software and giving them premium software capabilities like hardware level gameplay recording. From an outsider perspective it is easy to see that AMD’s Gaming Evolved and Nvidia’s GeForce Experience programs both offer similar things but if we take a closer look it is also possible to see that there are also slight differences: both offer things that the other doesn’t.


Join us in today’s feature article as we explore AMD’s Gaming Evolved (pictured above) and Nvidia’s GeForce Experience (pictured below).


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10 Comments on GPU App Showdown: AMD Gaming Evolved vs Nvidia GeForce Experience

  • Avatar eroldruzi says:

    I have used both and for old GPUs NVIDIA is much better to optimizing games. I had a GT520 (if that can even be called a GT) and I could play with mixed settings and AA enabled BF3 and it was pretty smooth. On the other hand 5770 was a Low level on BF3 for AMD App, meanwhile I could play at High No AA pretty well. But I suppose it needs more feedback from the users.
    Personally I liked the simplicity of NVIDIA better.

    • Avatar fuckofffanboy says:

      Using dif GPU’s = the different graphic performance, has nothing to do with the programs.
      And game options are the same no matter what. So saying game options were simple with one programe over another makes zero sense.

      • Avatar eroldruzi says:

        Please read more carefully. The programs are different. The cards are totally different, and Geforce Experience does a better job at automatically setting the settings compared to Raptr.

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    The only real beauty of the software for me is the ability to optimise game graphics settings in an instant and amazingly they both seem to get it just about spot on, it takes away all that tedious, boring hit or miss stuff that was part of setting up games in the past. The other functions, apart from auto update I couldn’t care less about let alone use but it’s there if thats what floats your boat.

    If you wanna sit on the fence Ryan thats quite alright but overall I think GFE is slightly more polished.

  • Avatar BACE says:

    And how so ? just being Nvidia fanboy isn’t it ?

  • Avatar Derivel says:

    Personally i vote for the Experience. The Gaming Evolved has a lot of problems for me, I got so mad, I don’t even open it anymore. It’s like a beta program for years.
    But the Experience works fine on my other pc.

  • Avatar derekmski says:

    I’ve used both and Raptr is like malware, pops up all the time with ads and garbage and I’ve never had it update drivers properly, or it will say drivers not supported for this card. Nvidia Geforce Experience is beautiful and simple, keeps my drivers up to date which is a main thing, also optimizes my game video settings for optimal performance and has the awesome shadowplay that can record your gaming and the screen for that matter with zero lag and full res. Geforce Experience is definitely way better.

  • Avatar derekmski says:

    Raptr is like malware, no where near the best if you’ve even tried geforce experience lately.

  • Avatar Christopher Prats says:

    Could I use gaming evolved with some support on a GTX 970? I am planning to upgrade my card and don’t want to lose my points.

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