Google Street View Extends To…..The Galapagos Islands!?

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If there’s one thing we’ve all learnt about Google by now, it is that they get absolutely everywhere. Their latest expedition extended Google “Street” view to the Galapagos Islands. No, it doesn’t have any streets but why not photograph it anyway? Google is on a mission to cover the whole world in street view and it is doing a pretty good job at it so far.

As the above image shows Google used its “Street View Trekker”, or backpack mounted Street View Cameras, to capture the beauty of the Galapagos islands. Google spent 10 days on the islands trekky to plenty of remote locations, hiking and even going into the sea to get some underwater pictures. I am sure it was a “really tough” trip for Google, having to spend 10 days in the Galapagos Islands “working” (more like on holiday…).


Unfortunately you’re going to have to wait a few months before the images are resized, sorted through, geotagged and uploaded to the Google Maps service to be viewed by you. Google has made a blog post about it if you are interested, so definitely check it out because it has some more pictures and some extra details.

Where do you think Google Street View should head off to next? Personally I think North Korea would make a great expedition!

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2 Comments on Google Street View Extends To…..The Galapagos Islands!?

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    I really like this, especially when I use the GPS on my phone. It gives me a view of the building I’m looking for. I see the picture of my house was taken in 2009 during winter, they could’ve at least waited until summer when everything looks nicer. Nevertheless I’ll use Google maps instead of my Garmin GPS from here on in.
    I think they should map the Atacama Desert after escaping from North Korea. You never know when you might land up stranded there.

  • Avatar Toby Kirkby says:

    you just sound bitter that you didn’t go

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