Google Planning on Bringing ‘Fiber’ To 34 Cities In The U.S. By The End Of 2014

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It appears that Google is interested in providing its fiber services to even more cities in the US. The company giant has reportedly invited nine metro areas to analyse the requirements of bringing Google Fiber into their ‘neighbourhoods’.

“People are hungrier than ever for faster Internet, and as a result, cities across America are making speed a priority,” Google says. “We’ve long believed that the Internet’s next chapter will be built on gigabit speeds, so it’s fantastic to see this momentum.”

Google has stated that up to 34 cities around the US could be potential candidates for its fiber services. The metro areas stated are Charlotte, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Portland, Oregon; San Antonio, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; Phoenix, Arizona; Salt Lake City, Utah and San Jose, California. It is said that Google will come up with a list of Fiber cities by the end of this year

“Between now and then, we’ll work closely with each city’s leaders on a joint planning process that will not only map out a Google Fiber network in detail, but also assess what unique local challenges we might face,” Google says.

Potential cities will also join Google’s initiative by providing feedback on their requirements on implementing the Fiber in their home town, along with a map of other service lines, such as gas, electricity, water, etc, that need to be avoided when working on the infrastructure.

This move could also be seen as a treat to competitors such as Comcast, which has cited Google as being a ‘legitimate competitor’. However, Google has stated that nothing is guaranteed at the current stage, but a lot can be learned from successfully implementing the Fiber in some cities and shared with others for future development.

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