Google Paying Adblock Plus To White-list Unobtrusive Adverts

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After Google recently cheesed a lot of people off by removing Ad-blocking Apps from the Google Play Store, it turns out they are now resorting to paying Adblocking App companies to white-list Google adverts. According to Google is funding the developers of the AdBlock Plus App to create a special white-list where Google adverts will not be blocked on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Adblock Plus extensions.

We don’t know how much the deal is worth to ABP but apparently numerous other companies are doing a similar thing with adblocking app and extension developers. Neither Google nor ABP decided to comment on the speculation but some Adblocking companies are known for their “Acceptable Ads Initiative” which basically states that unobstrusive advertising should remain viewable because it is vital to internet revenue generation.

I myself agree with the acceptable advertising concept but I think it should be optional. Some people may be happy to block no ads, some to block only obstrusive ads and some to block all ads. I myself am more inclined to blocking only obstrusive adverts but it is nice to be able to block all adverts. In some situations it can be critical to block all ads, such as if you are very bandwidth constrained or loading flash-based adverts detriments your PC performance.

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4 Comments on Google Paying Adblock Plus To White-list Unobtrusive Adverts

  • Avatar Daniel Bernardo says:

    This will be the beginning of the demise of AdBlock.

    I am not willing to use something anyone can pay to be excluded when in the beginning I wanted a solution to block them all to start with.

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    Google being deceitful? No! I just can’t believe it. And here I was thinking they were as pure as the driven snow. Anyway I block all ads irrespective and the odd one that manages to sneak in I just ignore.

  • Avatar Ben Curwen says:

    I whitelist sites on my own that I consider to have unobtrusive ads, and that I think have a good cause. All this is going to do is let the big companys unblock their ads and the little companys wont make money.

  • Avatar Blblblblbb says:

    It’s not thet bad, stop complaining,two or three ads won’t kill you but on the other hand it allows a lot of websites to run, espescially a little website called Youtube… Stop being selfish…

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