Google Maps Will Now Show Cyclists the Flattest Route

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I enjoy cycling, many of us do, it’s popularity has certainly increased since the last Olympic games. The only thing I dislike about cycling, apart from the abuse from drivers, is hills, they are a nightmare on a bike and if you’re someone like me who isn’t amazingly fit then you’ll hate them too. Running into a sudden steep incline can ruin the rest of the bike ride because you used all your energy on a hill. Annoying to say the least.

Google has come up with a very useful update for their Google Maps app on android where any hills will appear on your planned route! Amazingly helpful for hill haters like myself. As you can see from the picture below, the route plan now comes with a graph showing how the terrain levels differ throughout the route. If there is a hill the line will rise and if it drops then the line will slope, simple!


If you don’t like the default route Google offers you you can change it to suit your preferences. Make it as steep as possible, if you’re insane, or as flat as possible, it’s up to you and you’re levels of fitness and how hard you wan’t the cycle to be.

To get this update you need to download the new Google Maps apk file from the Play Store on any android device. Once it’s downloaded the new apk file will overwrite the current one and there you have it, your updated Google Maps. There is no word of when this update will land on IOS.

Thanks to Mashable for providing us with this information.

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1 Comment on Google Maps Will Now Show Cyclists the Flattest Route

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    If Chris Froome and Alberto Contador used this then maybe they’d still be in this years Tour. 😉

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