Gigabyte Preview Z87 G1 Killer Motherboard With Water Channels

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In the wake of Intel’s upcoming launch of its new Haswell platform at Computex 2013, Gigabyte has been preparing some preview/teaser images of their high performance G1 Killer motherboard that will launch for the new platform. Gigabyte’s Z87 G1 Killer motherboard looks set to be a really special motherboard as it features Creative audio, Bigfoot networking, an integrated liquid cooling solution for the motherboard VRM and many other nifty features.


The water cooling solution is similar to what we have seen on the ASUS Maximus V Formula motherboard quite some time ago. It will offer those extreme enthusiasts the opportunity to keep their system running a lot cooler when running extreme overclocks. Although that said the solution is hybrid so you can choose to use the water cooling solution or just use it as a normal air cooling solution.

Expect Gigabyte to also equip high quality PowIRstage ICs, a 2X Copper PCB, Ferrite core Chokes and the rest of the components that make up the Ultra Durable 5 range. The Z87 G1 Killer motherboard reportedly uses a 16 phase motherboard VRM and naturally brings support for Intel LGA 1150 Haswell fourth generation Core processors. Intel XMP up to 3200MHz frequences are supported.

More will be revealed as more is made available. As always pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed.

What are your thoughts on Gigabyte offering a hybrid cooling solution on their Z87 G1 Killer motherboard?


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1 Comment on Gigabyte Preview Z87 G1 Killer Motherboard With Water Channels

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    G1 killer? nomenclature fail from Gigabyte.

    Simply another G1 super or spuer G1 etc would have been better.
    I’ll wait for the review before commenting anything about the board.

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