Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H Z77 Motherboard Preview

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Over the last year or so, Intel have developed such a strong brand that even AMD users were forced to jump ship to get in on the action, and this all started when Sandybridge hit the scene, offering unparalleled performance with extreme overclockability and stability.

Moving on from the success of this, the new 3rd generation Intel CPUs are upon us and are literally a few weeks away. To support this new architecture a new platform has been born in the shape of Z77. While NDA restricts a lot of what we can say, we wanted to start dishing out the gossip on the boards that are due out in the coming weeks, starting with a budget board from Gigabyte.

Gigabyte are due to be releasing a huge array of different boards from the budget, to the gamer and to the extreme clocker. While all will have their unique features, for us today, it’s all about price and that’s where the Z77M-D3H comes in with budget/mainstream users set in its sights, we wanted to give a close-up view of the board and its included accessories.

While we wish we could comment on performance and some of the new key Intel features, sadly we’re restricted, but consider this a starter and the main course will come along shortly, and trust me, as it will be worth the wait.


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