Gigabyte GA-X99-SOC Champion Sub-Zero Overclocking Review

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Gigabyte TweakLauncher is the only software that I use to overclock and it is super simple, you just enter the value you want to change to from within windows and hit apply. You must be warned though that if you are unsure of what is safe DO NOT use this as you can easily damage your hardware. you can set profiles to load via hotkeys. Note that CPU VL voltage will only show when you activate the OC Socket via the switch. Also please do not use these values as a jumping off point as they are not a great reference point for you.

2015-09-23 17_26_33-GIGABYTE TweakLauncher 2.1 B15.0129

Here is the Gigabyte EasyTune app that is very familiar to Gigabyte users – this is the Smart quick boost for the people who don’t know how to OC and want to quickly press a button and get more out of their CPU.

Here we have voltage control and frequency control – it essentially is a mirror of what is available in the bios.

The memory section is a great addition for those who want to tweak their memory from within Windows, but I am pretty old-fashioned and tend to do most of my memory tuning from within the BIOS.

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