Gigabyte B75M-D3H B75 Motherboard Preview

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It seems like just yesterday, we were looking at an upcoming board from Gigabyte, and here we are again with another board, and for a very good reason indeed. As we all know Intel are releasing a new set of products soon including the new 3rd generation processors; codenamed Ivy Bridge, and also the new awaited Z77 chipset. What you may not know however, is that it doesn’t just stop at Z77, as Intel plan to release several other platforms too.

These new platforms include H77, Z75, Z77 of course, Q75, Q77 and B75 and some mobile platforms; QS77, QM77, HM77, HM76 and HM75. Now B75 is the vital one as this leads us to what we’re looking at today from top-selling brand Gigabyte.

They have sent us their latest B75 motherboard in the shape of the B75M-D3H; a board aimed at a much bigger market than most may anticipate. B75 is a business based platform and is aimed at an ever-growing demographic in several industries including small, medium and large businesses, enterprise environments, government and even education. Being enthusiasts ourselves and knowing that most of our readers are too, you probably did the same as us and didn’t quite realise how big these markets actually are.

The B75M-D3H appeals to all of these markets, and we thought it was only right that we give you; our loyal readers, a chance to see what this board has to offer, especially considering the server based products we’ve been looking at recently, including NAS boxes and server based platforms, this should fit right in.

As per our usual, we can’t show any facts of figures, in terms of performance, but we will take a look at the package that Gigabyte provide, and then take a tour of the board itself in terms of style and design, and of course the Gigabyte features.

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