Gift Cards At Discounts? Maybe Not For Star Citizen

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Endeavor Master Set

Star Citizen is a game we’ve reported on many times. The game started as an idea and took to the crowdfunding platform to support its big dreams of being a Space Fighter, First Person Shooter and Role Playing game all while allowing thousands of players to interact with one another. It can claim the title, and will be able to for a while I suspect, the title of most crowd funded game in history, with a total of $89,612,253 raised so far. This is set to continue to rise as players join the game through early entry bundles and purchase their ships ready for the big release in the future. One player has spent over $22,000 on the game, raising the question about how much are you willing to pay for those early bonuses to your games?

With the release of their latest ship (pictured above), the Endeavour is designed as a modular research vessel. From a research station to a portal hospital the Endeavour is set to be the first of a series of ships that can be customised and designed based on the user’s preference. Coming in at $420 though, some people may not feel comfortable shelling that out for an in-game item. So why not try to save some money by buying those gift cards that people can always get you for a tiny discount?

Sadly this isn’t the case of Star Citizen who are charging more than their value for the digital gift cards. The prices are listed below:

$10 gift card – $12
$25 gift card – $30
$50 gift card – $60
$100 gift card – $120

This works out at you only getting 80% of what you pay sent in the gift card, meaning that $420 Endeavour will set your friend back $504 in gift cards.

I am personally not a huge of buy before play DLC and being able to play Star Citizen (even in its incomplete form) means you can see the benefits of what you buy, but when you are spending hundreds of pounds, dollars or euros on something or want to gift your friend with something, gift cards are normally a good way to find a discount in exchange for the hassle of handling them.

Do you play Star Citizen? Have you brought a ship using real money? Are you as confused as to why the gift cards cost more than they are worth as we are?

Thank you PCGamesN for the information and the image.

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5 Comments on Gift Cards At Discounts? Maybe Not For Star Citizen

  • Avatar Scion says:

    That’s because any electronic purchases are taxed in the EU… a workaround would be to have a friend buy you a ships worth in dollars from overseas and you pay them back to dodge the EU Tax. CiG had to close up that little exploit or they could face legal troubles down the road.

  • Jesus what kind of journalist is this? Now it’s about to blame the Company for following the law?
    It’s acting like they are charging that for everybody when they are following the VAT only for EU costumers. –‘

  • Avatar Soleith says:

    Lol. You realise of course that if you live in an appropriate jurisdiction you need to pay sales tax or VAT on star citizen purchases, whether the spaceship itself or the gift card to purchase the spaceship. If you live in that jurisdiction the price is the same. But silly me, of course you realise. Journalists always fully research the story they’re writing before publishing it. I mean, not to do that would not be cool right? ROFL.

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  • Avatar Ben Hughes says:

    If you don’t know what tax is then you’re in for a nasty surprise visit from the IRS. Dumb article, written poorly.

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