Gelid Zentree USB Charging Station Review

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Final Thoughts


The Gelid Zentree  which is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign  is currently available for $30 as an early-bird special and will retail at $50 otherwise.


I was sceptical about the hefty, spiky hunk of plastic I encountered upon unboxing the Gelid Zentree, but found myself pleasantly surprised with the charging hub after a week of testing, and a further week of practical home use. It became a welcome addition to both my desk and my daily routine.

Having been forced to charge my devices via third-party plugs, or even USB-to-computer, in the past, I’ve become used to slow charging times when not using proprietary chargers. The Zentree, however, impressed me with its speed. While not always comparable to proprietary alternatives, the Zentree is the best third-party charger I’ve ever used, and in the case of the Poweradd battery pack, it was the most effective charging method I have found. Couple that with the ability to charge four devices at once without compromising speed, neatly stacked within its 3D Tree Array, and the Zentree ticks all the key boxes you’d want in a USB charging station.

While the inability to charge the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the adhesive quality of the array’s silicone rubber cover, were disappointing, I began to consider the Zentree as an important component of my desk arrangement.


  • Good build quality
  • Clutter-free charging solution
  • Can charge up to four devices at once with no cumulative drop-off in power distribution
  • Charges faster than many other third-party chargers
  • Competitive price


  • May not be compatible with devices that are locked to proprietary chargers
  • Difficult to clean


  • Can only charge four devices at once

“The Gelid Zentree is a tidy and effective USB charging solution which, at its competitive price and impressive charging speeds, comes well recommended.”

Thank you Gelid Solutions for providing us with this sample.

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