Gelid Zentree USB Charging Station Review

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A Closer Look

The Gelid Zentree arrived in two parts: the base, which contains the USB ports, and the 3D Tree Array, which holds devices that are being charged.

Zentree top and bottom 1

Zentree bottom internal 1

Zentree top 1

Four USB ports are housed within the white plastic base. Two on this side.

Zentree USB left

And two more here.

Zentree USB right

Upon piecing the Zentree together, it struck me as a tad unwieldy – it was certainly larger than I anticipated – but I soon warmed to its unique aesthetic.

Zentree front

To the rear is the IEC C7 power socket.

Zentree power socket

Four thin rubber feet on the base stop the unit from slipping.

Zentree feet

The two adhesive hooks can be inserted within the white plastic base to help hold the internal USB cables in place.


Zentree bottom internal w.cable 2

Zentree hook

The internal USB ports will accept any USB cable, including my proprietary PS Vita USB cable, or an Apple USB-to-Lightning cable for charging an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Zentree Vita cable

The Zentree appeared a little oversized to me, especially on my small desk, until I slotted my devices – one of which is my big Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone – into the Zentree’s green tress, at which point its size seemed to make more sense.

Zentree Full 2

The Zentree’s signature look – its 3D Tree Array of vertical spikes, covered by a layer of bright green silicone rubber – is effective at neatly supporting any devices that are plugged into it.

Zentree Full 3

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