GeIL EVO POTENZA 16GB 2400MHz Memory Kit Review

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Final Thoughts


GeIL’s 16GB 2400MHz EVO POTENZA kit costs $172 in the USA and £122 in the UK, both of those listings are for the Black/Red kits and are at the retailer MemoryC.  We couldn’t find the item at any other reputable and reliable retailers but based on that pricing we can see that GeIL is offering their product very competitively. GeIL offer a lifetime warranty with their EVO POTENZA series.


Having looked at this memory kit from GeIL I think it is fair to say it has surprised me a lot. The product, on the whole, speaks both quality and simplicity. It does everything it should do, it looks the part, it has a flexible range of sizes, frequencies and colours (white+black/black+red) and it has competitive pricing when you can actually find it at a reputable retailer. On this performance it’s hard to see why GeIL memory isn’t more popular, particularly among enthusiasts where I can see the white version would be hugely popular. It’s pretty much the running joke that if you want to find white RAM then you need to find a can of spray paint, so kudos to GeIL for meeting market demand.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good performance
  • Overclocking headroom
  • Black PCB
  • Stylish design
  • Competitive pricing
  • Available in a range of colours, sizes and speeds


  • Limited availability
  • Overclocking past a certain point can decrease performance

“GeIL’s EVO POTENZA memory kits are fantastic offerings: they look great, perform better and are backed up with a lifetime warranty. GeIL offer a huge range of capacity, frequency and colour combinations to suit everyone’s needs. The only bad part is finding somewhere to buy them!”

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GeIL EVO POTENZA 16GB 2400MHz Memory Kit Review

Thank you to GeIL for providing this review sample.

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  • Avatar Calvin Summerlin says:

    Standard bin of Hynix MFR, double-sided. These are probably chips that failed testing for higher end single-sided modules (2933+).

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