What Games Would you Like us to Benchmark in our Graphics Card Reviews?

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As you know, eTeknix are always the first to have newly released graphics card reviews from both AMD and Nvidia and every so often we find ourselves updating our suite of games and applications to cater for the latest technologies, and to bring the latest games to our readers. Now the biggest problem with choosing games is making it as fair as possible, as some games (Dirt Showdown) are geared towards AMD, while others (Batman) is geared towards Nvidia, and obviously we want our tests to be clear cut and to give both GPU manufacturers the best chance to shine.

This is why we’ve sat down and got hold of some new games, and decided to bring the choice to our readers with the poll below. So if you’d be so kind, please cast your vote below as to what 7 games you’d like us to benchmark in our graphics card reviews, and by all means, comment below regarding your choices, but for the most part remember that some games do have issues benchmarking such as Hitman Absolution and occasionally Dirt Showdown.

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Many thanks for assisting eTeknix on this.

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9 Comments on What Games Would you Like us to Benchmark in our Graphics Card Reviews?

  • Avatar SltrHouse says:

    Ghosts is such a crappy visual game, I own it, and everything on extra… still lacks, I doubt a benchmark would make any sense.

    • Avatar moc says:

      you obviously don’t own it or your pc sucks dick, retard

    • Avatar Phil Deakin says:

      why wouldn’t a benchmark make any sense ? surely the game moves therefore it has Frames Per Second ??? it doesn’t matter if the game isn’t demanding you would still see which GPU had the best results ….idiot… and FYI an i5 3570k (stock)with 8gb ram (1333) and a Titan (also stock)runs the game completely maxed out (all AA etc on 1080p) at about 80-85 fps…….

  • Avatar Phil Deakin says:

    3 games optimised for AMD, three games optimised for Nvidia and 3 games not optimised at all for either, with no games that incorrectly show results, I’m looking at you here Hitman with your ” a Titan performs better in 4K than in 1080p” results…….

    • Avatar Ryan Martin says:

      Yes that’s pretty much why we are doing this (because Hitman Absolution is broken) and we thought we might as well just consider changing everything if people want to see different games.

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    These are the ones I use at the moment: Splinter Cell Blacklist. Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Batman Arkham City at 1980 x 1080 & 5760 x 1080 where possible. I don’t test at a million different resolutions, just the most popular ones.

  • Avatar Arom says:

    Really? A lot of Benchmarks do not consider Witcher 2 set on highest graphics. It looks much better than the titles you have in your poll, and is probably more demanding. Well, except BF4 and Metro perhaps 😉

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