Func Surface 1030 XL Mouse Pad Review

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It’s not everyday I get an unexpected package turn up on my doorstep, but when it’s a brand new product that’s just about to hit the market, it’s a very pleasant surprise! Now I don’t normally spend this much time on mouse pad reviews, but since it is a new product, I’ll go into depth a little more than I usually would. Today, the product that I will be reviewing is the Func Surface 1030 XL mouse pad. Now some readers may find this type of product a little dull, but from first impressions this mouse pad is definitely worth having a closer look at.

We’ve seen many mouse pads hit the market recently, in what seems like a spate of most major brands refreshing their current mouse pad range, but it’s not often we see a fairly new brand crop up and release their own. Func is fairly small company with only a select range of mouse pads. From my time as a peripheral reviewer, it is clear to me that having a decent gaming surface is important if you wish to have unimpeded gaming performance.

There are two main types of gaming surfaces available, hard and soft, with the former being made of plastics, metals and sometimes wood, which offer better performance. The latter often have a cloth surface that covers a foam material that tends to be more comfortable, but not as great performance-wise as the hard gaming surfaces. The Func Surface 1030 XL fits into the hard category, as it’s made of a rigid plastic. What makes the Func differ from the majority of other gaming surfaces out there, is the fact that it double-sided, with one side being smooth and the other, slightly rough. Here are the full specs from the product page:


  • Surface material: Polycarbonate
  • Surface type: F30.r / F10.s
  • Size: 36×28 cm / 14×11 in
  • Weight: 422 gr / 0.93 lbs
  • Thickness: 4 mm / 0.16 in

Now we know what it looks like on paper, lets take a closer look.

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