Full-Size Car Made From Lego Can Reach 20MPH

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Lego is easily the most popular choice of toy in my house, the kids can’t get enough of the stuff and rightly so, it’s one of the most creative and versatile, timeless toys ever created, but the small guns, castles and spaceships my kids build are nothing compared to the incredible efforts of Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida.

Using a staggering 50,000 Lego bricks, Steve and Rual have created a full size car out of Lego in Romania, although it was then shipped over to Melbourne, Australia. The car is functional too, with an engine that features 256 working pistons and four orbital engines that are capable of propelling it to around 20MPH using compressed air.


The team say the beleive their creation can go even faster, but they only dare drive it at a steady 20MPH for fear of a “Lego explosion”. This is completely understandable too, if I had put this much work into something like this, the last thing I would want to see is it explode, but since I didn’t make it, I think a video of 50,000 Lego bricks shattering under the force of compressed air at speeds in excess of 20MPH would make for a beautiful slow motion video.


Thank you Geeky Gadgets for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Geeky Gadgets.

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1 Comment on Full-Size Car Made From Lego Can Reach 20MPH

  • Skidmarks says:

    Very nice, innovative. Methinks the wide low profile radials are a bit overkill for a car that only does 20 mph but they do look cool.

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