Full Firefly Cast Returns To Voice Firefly Online Game

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Firefly has long since established itself as a cult classic, having millions of fans world wide despite the fact that the show had just one season. Fans cried for more (myself included) and after a while we got the movie, yay! Then we cried louder for even more and whilst there have been many attempts, there have been far too many hurdles to cross to make season two a reality.

Whilst the cast of the original series may not be returning to our TV screens, they are set to make an appearance on our PC screens. The original cast will be joining forces once again to voice their respective characters in Firefly Online. Nathan Fillion’s character Captain Malcolm Reynolds even makes an appearance in the games first trailer.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/8y98otfH9X8[/youtube]

Their involvement with the game was announced a couple of days ago at Comic-Con and I’m sure many are eager to play the game. Firefly Online will be a massive multiplayer game, with each player becoming a captain of a ship, building a crew and venturing out into the galaxy. Unfortunately that’s all we know so far, the concept sounds good and the voice actors are spot on, lets just hope the game doesn’t suck!

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  • Avatar ET3D says:

    Firefly. Online. It’s like…

    Pity I’m largely out of gaming. Where are those time pills when you need them?

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