Frenchman Learns Rockclimbing to Retrieve Strangers iPhone

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Finding a lost iPhone might be a blessing at first thought, but what if it is just out of reach and let’s say 20 meters down a large cliff used for cliff diving? One Frenchman took this as a challenge and made it his mission to retrieve the discovered treasure.

The first problem, however, the man had never done any rock climbing before and had to learn the basics first. Getting down there is relative easy, you just slide down the cable. But getting up again is a little more tricky and something you don’t just do.

A couple of hours training in the garden and he felt confident enough to attempt the rescue, all while his girlfriend was documenting everything on camera. Long story short, he succeeded and you can clearly see the joy on his face when he held it.

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Once back into safety, the phone was examined and the battery was dead. Must have been there for a while now. But they charged it and it still turned on. To their surprise, there wasn’t any password or lock code and they could just get in there. Using the data found, he now set out to help this stranger that the phone and what better way to do that than with social media. The YouTube video you can see further down was uploaded and it was shared to facebook.

Two days later the lucky owner was identified and the two are now in contact to arrange the safe return of both the data on the phone as the phone itself.


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The video is well worth the little over 2 minutes to watch and it’s nice to see that some people still go beyond what you’d expect in order to help someone else, even if it’s a completely unknown stranger that dropped their iPhone down a cliff.

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