Free Titanfall Offer And Price Drop Announced For Xbox One

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Good news everybody (bonus points for reading it in Professor Farnsworths voice), the Xbox One is about to get a price cut in the UK to help it compete with the PlayStation 4 and there are plans in place to bundle upcoming online shooter Titanfall with new consoles, awesome!

While the rest of the world will have to wait for a price cut, the UK will be getting £30 slashed from the price of a new Xbox One, while not the biggest price cut ever, it’s pretty great for a console that is only a few months old. The PlayStation 4 is still £50 cheaper even after the discount, but it certainly makes it a little more competitive vs it’s rival.

On top of that, the new game Titanfall will be bundled, offering a further saving of £40-50 for those who have yet to pick up the console. So overall that’s a saving of up to £80 for those who were going to buy an Xbox One for Titanfall, of course this will offer no joy to early adopters who recently paid full price for the console and will have to do the same for Titanfall.

The limited edition Titanfall bundle will be priced at £399.99 here in the UK, but the bundle will be available globally. The price cut will take effect this Friday (February 28th).

Thank you CVG for providing us with this information.

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1 Comment on Free Titanfall Offer And Price Drop Announced For Xbox One

  • Avatar Derek Johnstone Macrae says:

    Although its selling, its not doing as well as it should, in America, MS’s key market, the PS4 has sold more, hence the price drop, could we be seeing Sony give MS a kick up the backside in their own Yard…..its looking like it

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