Fractal Design Announces Kelvin AIO CPU Coolers

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We saw the Kelvin AIO CPU coolers from Fractal Design revealed a while ago, and now they are done with the last tweaks and have the Kelvin series has been officially announced. It will be available in three sizes called the T12, S24 and S36 with 120mm, 240mm and 360mm radiators respectively.

One of the awesome things about this new series is that it uses standard two-part brass fittings and is expandable, a feature we see more companies approaching lately, and one that I welcome. It is still as easy to install and the silent high-performance ceramic pump should be strong enough to support considerable expansion. The specifications rate the Kelvin T12 able to cool 1 CPU and 1 GPU, the Kelvin S24 can do 1-2 CPUs and 1-2 GPUs while the Kelvin S36 is said to be able to cool 1-4 CPUs and 1-4 GPUs.


The Kelvin series use a full-copper CPU Water block design just as the radiators are made from pure copper. The use of a single material throughout the entire unit ensures that we don’t get any unwanted galvanic corrosion.


While these units all require zero maintenance, they do come with a fill port to top off the fluid should it ever run low, another good feature. The Fractal Design Kelvin series supports all modern CPU sockets by the versatile and easy-to-use mounting kit.


General Specifications:

  • Block/pump assembly measurements: 69*69*40 mm
  • Tubing Measurements: 320mm long, 11mm outer and 8mm inner diameter
  • Fitted with anti-kink coils for worry-free installation
  • Kelvin T12 Radiator Measurements: 46*132*163 mm
    Kelvin S24 Radiator Measurements: 30*124*275mm
    Kelvin S36 Radiator Measurements: 30*124*397mm
  • Thread class for fill port and all tube fittings: G 1/4″
  • Supported sockets: Intel: 775,1150,1155,1156,1366,2011; AMD: AM2,AM2+,AM3,AM3+,FM1,FM2,FM2+
  • Fans included: 2 pcs (3 pcs for the S36)
  • Fractal Design Zero™ Thermal Paste; 1 g syringe, sufficient for multiple mountings
  • Colors Available: Black
  • Net weight – Base unit only, not including mounting or fans: 1.2 kg
  • Net weight – SS-HP fan, per fan: 165 g
  • Net weight – Total excluding packaging and manual. Includes fans, mounting kit for all platforms, cooling paste (including packaging for the cooling paste) and adapter cable: 1.8 kg
  • Package dimensions – W x H x D: 350*250*151 mm
  • Package weight: 2.5 kg



Fan Specification:

  • Fractal Design Silent Series HP 120 mm
  • 800 – 1700 RPM
  • PWM control
  • Max air flow: 62.4 CFM
  • Max pressure: 2.33 mm H2O
  • Acoustical noise: 26.9 dB(A)
  • DC 12V, 0.18A

The three units should start selling this month and the MSRP is set to $99.99, $119.99, and $139.99 respectively.

Thanks to Fractal Design for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Fractal Design

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