Foxconn H67A-S H67 Sandy Bridge Motherboard Preview

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Foxconn have been out of the consumer channel market for quite some time now with their focus more on OEM markets for the likes of some big players out there. Whilst this has been going on, we have seen Intel move forward, ready for the launch of Sandy Bridge and the new socket 1155 processors.

Anybody who’s anybody wants to get in on this action as it’s a huge step in the right direction for consumers wanting the most for their money. Getting bang for buck means that the consumer wants to pay the least amount possible, and get the best performance possible at the same time. Now, how we all wish this was simple and easy, when it comes to the real world, it’s not always possible. Intel’s vision makes this possible with the upcoming technology being released nearer to CES.

With CES just around the corner, motherboard manufacturers are keen to get as much exposure as they can through sites like eTeknix, without breaking any non-disclosure agreements or NDA’s. This means that we can get you a detailed look around the board, but no benchmarks or performance figures can be spoken about as much as we’d love to. Instead, we can just sit back and enjoy being child-like because I know something you don’t know nerr nerr nerr.

We are willing to share as much information as we can with you without getting in trouble, and we promise that as soon as the products are officially launched, you’ll be the first to know how well they perform.

So let’s talk a bit more about the generic background of these boards that are due out very soon, as we all know there are 2 chipset’s. The first being P67 which is aimed at the mid to high end market giving you the best performance for the mainstream user whose on a budget. H67 is aimed at the slightly more budget market where things are a lot simpler giving the user everything they need and nothing more, whereas P67 will give you everything you need and also everything you don’t.

Foxconn will also be fighting back with a high-end segment to the market with their exciting Quantum Force brand offering up every feature you can think of, but be prepared to pay the price for motherboards in this high-priced range.

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