First Retail Asus Radeon R9 295X2 Pictured

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It looks like the guys over at WCCFtech have got their hands on some images of the new R9 295X2, AMD’s latest dual Hawaii based graphics card which is set to be launched very soon. We’ve already seen images and specifications for the new card, but now we see the first card from a manufacturer other than AMD reference.

OK so this is still a reference card design, as you can see it just features the Asus sticker on the fan, another on the radiator and Asus packaging. The only real difference for the consumer maybe price and warranty, which typically varies from brand to brand.

One thing we do like about the new packaging is that it confirms that the 295X2 is in fact an 8GB GDDR5 equipped card, as we did have some rumours that it was 16GB, but of course 8GB is more than enough, 16GB is just crazy. The card is also DirectX 11.2 ready, features the Hydra cooler which was specially made by Asatek and is expected to cost around $1500.

Thank you WCCFTech for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of WCCFTech.

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6 Comments on First Retail Asus Radeon R9 295X2 Pictured

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    It’s half the price of the Titan Z but just as irrelevant.

    • Avatar Scase says:

      Hardly, its a dual GPU card that’s made for gaming. Dual GPU cards are useful for situations where SLI/xfire is not optimized with particular games causing display issues or outright not getting any benefit of having a second card. These dual GPU cards are made specifically for things like that. Also xfire/SLI cards cannot combine ram, you have 2 4gb cards you have 4gb effective ram not 8. This card has 8.

      The Titan and Titan Z are WORKSTATION cards which are irrelevant for gaming.

  • Avatar Keven Brochu says:

    “features the Hydra cooler which was specially made by Asatek”


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