First Images Of The MSI GeForce 780 Ti Lightning Revealed

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The first pictures of the MSI GeForce GTX 780 Ti Lightning finally surface, having a shiny black color with yellow stripes and killer performance. Reports show MSI’s GeForce 780 Ti Lightning is not too different from the GTX 780 Lightning however.

It has an identical PCB with 20 phase VRM design and Military Class IV components, while drawing power from two 8-pin PCIe power connectors and comes with V-check points on board for accurate measurements. The biggest difference between the two is the use of Samsung memory chips in GTX 780 Ti Lightning which are perfect for overclocking. It features GK110-425 GPU equipped with 2880 CUDA cores, 240 TMUs and 48 ROPs. The downside is once again the memory size which is 3 GB GDDR5 spread across a 384-bit memory interface. The GPU comes with high factory overclock speeds of 993/1058/1750 MHz for GPU boost.


We can also see a TwinFrozr IV cooler with two aluminium fin stacks and eight copper heatpipes passing through them. The GPU has a good overclocking headroom with the help of two large and one medium sized fan placed on top. Similar to all other Lightning editions, MSI GeForce GTX 780 Ti Lightning also features the GPU reactor for extra stability with an illuminated MSI logo. The back plate of the GPU lights up with a lot of LEDs at the back, each for a different purpose.


MSI GTX 780 Ti Lightning scored 17,872 points in 3DMark 11 Performance, having the memory overclocked at 8 GHz, which is astonishing considering it is achieved on air. The LN2 ready GPU is set to break world records once its released worldwide and bring tough competition to EVGA’s GTX 780 Ti K|NGP|N edition. Regarding price and availability, no information is known at the moment. However, since the first pictures of the graphics card are out, it won’t be long until we get that information as well.


Thank you Chip Loco for providing us with this information
Images courtesy of Chip Loco

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2 Comments on First Images Of The MSI GeForce 780 Ti Lightning Revealed

  • Avatar publix says:

    Is this considerably faster then a Ati 7970 GHz edition?

    I’m not feeling like my games are slow at 1080p on my 7970 but I was wanting to upgrade to nVidia for all the recent improvemts outside of just game rendering. GSYNC twitch live streaming, 20min buffered recording and such.

    And is it just me or is eTeknix slowing to a roll?! Please don’t stop.

    • Avatar YOunGOne says:

      you got Mantle coming from AMD. I would wait until they release to see if it is only for AMD cards. If it is, then I would stick with the 7970 because that is plenty to run games at 1080p. You could surely spend some money on software that does the capture and use OBS to stream. Mantle will allow your cards to stay strong enough to power games for a longer period of time (*only for Mantle supported games)

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