Firefox 64-Bit for Windows Will Be Released Soon

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Those of you who have been waiting for a 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows will be glad to know that your prayers have finally been answered, as Mozilla has decided to release the binaries for the new version alongside Firefox 42. Firefox 42 will be launched on November 3, but since the official download page won’t be updated with a 64-bit version for Windows just yet, you’ll have to head over to the Firefox release directory in order to get your hands on it. It’s not exactly clear what caused Mozilla to delay the 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows, especially since numerous Firefox-based browsers have been available in 64-bit for a few years now.

Various bugs might have been the culprits here, but some sources indicate that the company has prioritized the development of Firefox 64-bit for Windows a few times before and then decided to abandon the project altogether. A recent post on the Bugzilla bug tracking website indicates that Mozilla is finally ready to release a stable version after years of development, which is great news for all Firefox fans. As for the delay on the download page, it seems to be related to some “partner changes”, but it’s not exactly clear what partners or what changes we’re talking about.


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2 Comments on Firefox 64-Bit for Windows Will Be Released Soon

  • 63Jax says:

    what’s new, except using more ram memory?

  • Timothy March says:

    64 bit firefox…. you mean like Waterfox… the 64bit version built from firefox code that’s been around for a LONG time already and FF are only now bothering to join the up to date world of 64bit-os ….

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