Final Specifications And First Images OF R9 295X2 Leaked

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While the new card from AMD isn’t due to be fully revealed (officially) for another week, that hasn’t stopped a few leaks from getting through the cracks in the internet, just like every other major hardware reveal. As you may already know, the Radeon R9 295×2 is a single GPU that features two 290X cores on one PCB, offering massive power gains from its two full-Hawaii XT cores.


While the specifications above are just a rumoured leak, this close to the reveal we have little reason to doubt they’re as close to final as can be. As you can see above we have 5632 SPs, up to 4-8GB GDDR5, which can be doubled in a 4+4 or 8+8 format on a per GPU basis. A huge memory bus, dual 8-pin power connections and a retail price that is half of the Titan Z. Does this card have any hope of competing with the Titan Z? Nope, not really, but in terms of price vs performance it could smash Nvidia into the ground.

The cards have already started to surface in the tech world, but that hasn’t stopped someone from leaking two images of what is belived to be the new card and the water cooler that has been rumoured. We long suspected the card would be water cooled, especially given that the 290X Radeon cores run very hot, putting two on one card runs the risk of the card melting through the Earths crust without sufficient cooling.


Only one week to go and well know for certain what this card is capable of and with this and the Titan Z hitting the market, it’s going to be a very exciting month for ultra-high-end graphics cards.

Thank you PC Max for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Chiphell.

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